Bridges, Structures and more!

The world around us is constantly growing and changing, and meeting the expectations of the consuming public starts with the creation of a reliable infrastructure that balances the need for fast solutions with environmental and economic concerns.

Our company takes great pride in working closely with project owners to coordinate construction activities with public outreach personnel to minimize the impact to the traveling public. We've worked on designs for heavy civil construction, rehabilitation, and reconstruction projects for both private and public clients. Our range of engineering services enhances surface transportation structures and major highways through both rural and city settings.

East Texas Bridge has its roots in heavy civil construction. Certified for bridge and concrete construction in the state of Texas by the Texas Department of Transportation, we are a contracting company fully equipped for your heavy civil infrastructure needs.

Our expertise in bridge construction spans the widest range of possibilities for project owners. Our experience in building single and multiple spans, steel beam and girder, concrete beam, concrete slab, inclined steel arch, cast-in- place segmental, and post-tension structures shines through in all our work.

Our in-house team is also experienced in bridge repair and rehabilitation, including fixing structural joints, parapet and barrier walls, deck resurfacing, and structural patching of existing builds.

No matter the size or scope of your project, public or private, East Texas Bridge can get the job done right.

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